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Appendix Surgery

Watch the appendix!

Watch the appendix!

Ah, it’s been a few weeks since my appendix surgery. I want to write about my appendix surgery as soon as i came back to my office, but somehow after getting back i got too lazy to write it :p

Now,  this story began when i went to the International Hospital near my place. I went there because for some reason i didn’t go to the office and need the sick letter from the doctor to cover it up. When the doctor start examine me, i told him that i got some strange feeling in the lower right of my stomach. Surprisingly, the doctor take it so serious and take a deeper check. What the heck, i just saying that to make the doctor believe me that i was sick (this goes in my mind).

After some check, the doctor made me do some blood test. Auch, for some reason i feel stupid to do that. I just need the sick letter for God Sake! Why i should went this far? That’s what i thought. The doctor deep check not end there. After the blood test, he made me to do some USG in my stomach. WTF, i’m not pregnant you know! And yeah, the USG is kinda hurt. With some device, the doctor pushed my stomach and took the picture for about 15 minutes.

After it finished, i waited for several minutes and took the result to the doctor. The doctor said that i’d possibly had appendix problem and must had a surgery. But i’d still need to consult a surgeon. A day after that, i went to the surgeon. And heck, he said that i must had a surgery. Oh well, and so i bought a ticket to Surabaya because my family lives there. I believed that after surgery i will need my family to take care of me.

I arrived in Surabaya at 2 AM in the morning, 28 August 2008. My plane got delayed and so on. I went to the hospital and must had some more examination before the surgery. It was Monday and that’s mean i must absent from the office. At 6 PM, Tuesday, my surgery started. I was unconcious a few minutes before it because a got some sleeping drug from the nurse. After i wake up, it was 11 PM and i didn’t where am i. My lower body still numb because of the drugs. And there’s a new scratch on my lower right stomach. The surgery scratch.

But generally, i was relieved. Because before the surgery, some of my friend told me that there’s some casualties after the appendix surgery. At Friday, i went home. The doctor said that i can eat anything and i really enjoyed that. The hospital food was not bad, but it wasn’t that good either. So after i got home, i ate a lot of Surabaya’s special foods. Like Tahu Tek, Bakso and some other delicious food 😀

It took me several days to heal myself.  On 7 September i went back to Cikarang, Bekasi. And a day after that i started working again until now. Ah, just because to sought a sick letter, i went to so much trouble isn’t it :p

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  3. cuma gara-gara nyari surat sakit yah 😀 alesannya ga masuk kenapa hayooo :p huehehehe…

    bersyukur aja lah, kan jadi ketauan kalo harus operasi usus buntu ^^ (tu dokter tp hebat jg yah.. bisa lgsg tau gituh kamu sakit apa :p)

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  4. wah, syukur bisa sembuh.. 🙂

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