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Say Hi! to my Blog


In the end, i create a Blog (too)..

Maybe some of my friends will says, “Why don’t you do it last year? Everyone’s already have a blog now!”

I used to think, why we’re creating a blog when we don’t have the resource (read: internet connection) to update and take care the blog. My college internet speed’s actually is not bad, it reach 500! …. bps (byte per second).

Note: there are no “kilo” word before “byte”, which means it is less than 1 kbps..  It is not bad, but TERRIBLE!!!

But.. I changed my mind when i started to work in “this” place. A place that has 300 – 1000 kbps internet connection (there is a “k” before the “bps”).

OMG! What the heck!!! What should i do with this abundant resources???

There’s a lot of things we can do with that resources, indeed. But unfortunately, there’s some restriction on downloading files..

After several days wasting it.. After couple of days just wandering around.. I’ve reach a conclusion,”Ok, maybe i should create a blog!”

Lastly, Say Hi! to my Blog

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